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Reopening of Caribbean Hut Restaurant

Dear Friends and Customers,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in the reopening of our restaurant. As some of you might know, I recently was diagnosed with Advanced Renal Failure and am currently undergoing weekly sessions of dialysis while I look at options for a kidney replacement. Unfortunately, this means that on a personal level I will not be able to lead in my Kitchen as I had before. Also, my right hand man had to return to his home country to take care of his ailing father at the same time that I was diagnosed. This left me in a very bad predicament. Those of you who are my most loyal and frequent customers know that I not only personally managed my Kitchen but the restaurant as a whole. This included shopping for ingredients and managing the finances as well as handling the Dining area. In my current state of health many of these things will now become beyond difficult. Due to this, I have taken on a partner who will be helping me with some of these aspects of running a business.

What does taking on a partner mean for Caribbean Hut Restaurant in Kuwait?
My taking on a partner DOES NOT mean that the Mission of Caribbean Hut will change. We are still dedicated to the promotion of Traditional Puerto Rican dishes and other Spanish Caribbean Cuisine here in the Middle East. It DOES NOT mean that we will Arabise or Asianise our recipes. We are still committed to providing the fast growing Latino American community that is here in Kuwait traditional dishes, without the use of pork and alcohol ofcourse. That said, it is in this spirit that I have decided to diversify our menu some by adding some South American dishes other than Puerto Rican and other Spanish Caribbean dishes. This will be done in order to better serve the large South American community that we have here in Kuwait. We also hope that this will be the spark that is needed to unite the Hispanic community here as there are many ethnic committees found in the country but us Latinos have pretty much done little to build our community.

What are some of the changes happening in Caribbean Hut Restaurant in Kuwait?
Currently we have hired a mostly Latino staff. We hope that this will showcase our commitment to the authenticity of both our Cuisine and Service. When we say, “Aquí se habla Español”. We mean it and we will continue to always provide this service in order to provide that home away from home feeling. As mentioned before, in order to provide a better service for our customers we will be diversifying our menu some in order to include Venezuelan, Colombian, Panamanian, as well as dishes from other South American countries. If there are any specific dishes that you as a customer would like to see, please send me an email at I will gladly take and suggestions under advisement, but please remember that in order to keep the low prices that we have aways had we will keep making everything locally and by hand. This means that if a dish requires certain ingredients that have to be imported I will not be able to make them. Lastly, I would like to apologise that we will NOT be able to provide a bathroom onsite as it is difficult for us to add one in our current location. Also, most restaurants in this country do NOT provide a bathroom.

We apologise sincerely for the delay in reopening Caribbean Hut Restaurant in Kuwait. We are hoping to be reopening sometime in the October/November 2015 period. We are planning a special reopening ceremony within the week before we reopen in which we will invite some VIPs to include some of our most loyal customers for a free tasting of what is to come. We hope that you will continue supporting us as you have for the last three years and we hope to continue to provide what we consider to be an important service to a large yet neglected segment of the human community in Kuwait.


Please check out this link for the new information about the reopening of Caribbean Hut Restaurant.

Respectfully and Sincerely Yours,
Ibrahim Pedro Al Boreeqee
Chef and Co/Owner of Caribbean Hut Kuwait
¡Boricua pa que tu lo sepas!

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