Our Mission

It is our mission to introduce to Kuwait and it’s Gulf Neighbours what I believe to be Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean Islands’ greatest contribution to the world. It’s cuisine and more specifically Puerto Rican cuisine. After over 500 years of being influenced by African, Arab, Arawak, Carib, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Indian, Portuguese, and Spanish cuisines, we are left with the ultimate fusion cuisine. To some it’s called Creole and to others Criollo, but it is this cuisine that has in many ways shaped the people that have come to be called West Indians or Caribeños. In recent decades what has come to be stereo typed as Caribbean Cuisine in the Hotel and Hospitality trade has unfortunately limited the cuisine to that which is found in what is called the British West Indies. This includes the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. The Caribbean Islands consist of over 7,000 islands and islets that consist of the four largest islands being Cuba, Hispañola (Dominican Republic and Haiti), Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Before the Dutch, English, and the French arrived to the Caribbean, it was the Spaniards and the Portuguese along with the Andalusian Arab and Jews who had been cast out of the Iberian Peninsula who arrived to colonise first. Lets not forget the Indigenous tribes such as the Arawaks, Caribs, and Taino who were already living there. Nor can we forget the Africans who had been brought over as slaves by the Portuguese and Spaniards. These were the first people that built the foundation of what is now the Caribbean Cuisine. It is this cuisine that we are focusing on introducing to this region. Yes we do focus on the Puerto Rican cuisine as it is my “Patria” and the land that taught me my love of the culinary arts. It is a tribute to my people and a form of ambassadorship for me to introduce not only the Cuisine of Puerto Rico and her neighbours but our history as well. So come on by and enjoy our food and company in a friendly setting. We may not be high class but we will definitely outclass. Estaran muy bienvenidos.

With Love and Respect,

Ibrahim Bader al Boreeqee

Chef and Owner of Caribbean Hut Restaurant


Map of the Caribbean Islands

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