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Meet Ibrahim Bader Al Boreeqee Chef and owner of Caribbean Hut Restaurant Kuwait.

A native of Puerto Rico and born in El Condado, Puerto Rico in the early eighties, due to the military he moved around a lot between and began cooking at the age of 8 under the supervision of his mother. With the direction of his grandparents who consisted of a Home Economics teach and a Chef/Restauranteur/Hotelier, he was able to increase his knowledge and love of cooking. His official training comes from a basic culinary course sponsored by the Georgia National Guard and the time spent working in some of Georgia’s dining facilities at the age of 16; continuing his training by working for restaurants like Waffle House, Country Pride Restaurant, among others.

My Grandfatther Pedro Rivera Rodrigues

My Grandfatther Pedro Rivera Rodrigues

He took a break from cooking professionally when he joined the US Army after which he tried to return to cooking professionally but was unable to find a kitchen that did not deal with pork or alcohol. A few years he found himself in Kuwait where he then realized there is a sizable population of people from the Caribbean; especially Puerto Ricans. So with the help of Allah, he opened the Caribbean Hut Restaurant Kuwait, the first Caribbean restaurant in Kuwait, with the intention of bringing the Caribbean experience through Caribbean cuisine at an affordable price.

English: Panoramic picture of El Condado, Puer...

English: Panoramic picture of El Condado, Puerto Rico. Tagging GFDL: Likely taken by uploader, who has taken similar images (e.g. :Image:Luis Munoz Rivera statue.jpg, :Image:Old San Juan aerial.jpg and :Image:Old san juan.jpg), and reluctant to tag until adviced to. Fred-Chess 22:04, 26 September 2005 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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